Permanent Make-Up can enhance the quality of someone’s life; not only making one look better, but feel better too! Nahid Shamsian permanent make up specialist trained in Europe and has over 25 years of experience .

Permanent Make-Up’s specialized techniques are also known as micro-pigmentation, intra-dermal cosmetics or dermagraphics. The cosmetic implantation technique deposits coloured pigment into the upper layer of the dermis, which usually lasts 3 to 5 years.

Permanent Make-Up is for:

  • People who want to wake up every morning with perfect make-up
  • People who are tired of their make-up smudging, smearing & running
  • People who are athletic: runners, swimmers, bikers and those doing aerobics
  • People who are allergic to regular make-up

Permanent Eyeliner is for:

  • Athletes and “Ladies on the go”
  • People who can’t see well enough without glasses to apply eye liner
  • People who like the convenience of not having to apply liner every morning
  • People who are allergic to regular make-up and like to look their best at all times

Permanent Eyebrows is for:

  • People who need to intensify faded brow lines due to over shaving, plucking or tweezing
  • People who want to accentuate their natural brow arch
  • People who have experienced Alopecia areata hair loss
  • People who have lost their natural eyebrows due to scarring

Permanent Lip Liner will help to:

  • Define your natural lip line
  • Perfect an uneven lip line
  • Give a guideline for the young to apply perfect lips every morning
  • Make lips appear fuller without cosmetic implants


Permanent Make-Up Services
Permanent Eyeliner $550
Permanent Lipliner $600
Permanent Eyebrows $450
GREEN PEEL Comfort Herbal Peeling Treatment $850
Microblading Eyebrows $450
Cancellation Policy Please inform at-least 48 hrs in advance